My name is Elischeba, born in Cologne I started my career as journalist in January 2005 in the editorial office of a diving sport magazine. In addition I work currently as a guest writer for the magazine „ELTERN“.

My Model and Mama Blog started in September 2011 with my first pregnancy and deals with items like fashion, toys, travelling with kids, family trips, life as parents, lifestyle and product tests & presentations.

On 14th February 2015 my daughter was born.

As successful model and sophisticated TV host authentical photos and self-made videos are trademarks of my blogs.

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blog statistics (state: April 2019):

access rates:
900 to 1.100 visitors per day (unique)
4.000 to 5.000 page impressions per day

who are the readers:
readers´ age: from 20 to 60 years
circa 80% female readers – 20% male readers

social media:

  • facebook fans (on 4 different fan pages): 941 + ( 850 + 1.982 + 2.089 ) = 5.862
  • views at YouTube: 2.664.452 at Elischeba TV
  • subscribers at YouTube: 3.151 at Elischeba TV
  • contacts at XING: 999+
  • followers at Instagram: 4.276
  • followers at Pinterest: 535
  • followers at twitter: 1.132
  • followers at bloglovin: 1.209 + ( 1.484 + 1.166 + 1.434 ) = 5.293


  • My readers like my fair and authentical reports and articles.
  • All my articles, free or sponsored, represent my personal opinion and my experiences.
  • Sponsored guest posts and editorials with links to customers´ websites should fit to the intention and the items of the blog.
  • In addition we respect the GOOGLE guidelines concerning dofollow / nofollow links – that means: sponsored articles are marked discreetly as cooperations and only nofollow links are used therein.


  • We are not interested in requests concerning pure link exchange, database inputs & informations and publishing press reports.
  • We are also not interested in requests of agencies which do not respect this codex.

If you want, you can reach me directly by using my personal email address info@elischeba.de .

In addition my management is available for an individual consulting and will answer all your questions.

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